Thursday, April 06, 2006

Chlorella Conquers Acid Reflux (GERDS)

On the recommendation of some friends, I started taking about 4000 mg of broken cell wall chlorella daily. Several weeks ago, I ran out of Nexium (40 mg) and didn’t replace it. I did mail order some Prilosec, but used it only once or twice when I thought I noticed “something” in my stomach.

Here I am some 2.5 months after starting this regimine, and all symptoms are gone, aside from some burping (which I never lost). The chlorella helped, apparently. I happened to talk to my latest portrait model about it, and she, too, had found that chlorella resolved her acid reflux issues. Please note that I had been taking Nexium daily for nearly a year.

Moreover, I’ve found myself feeling more energetic and upbeat than I can remember being for quite a while. Even my wife is impressed and started taking it.

The least expensive source that I have found is A single bottle lasts me (not including my wife) a month. It costs $15.

UPDATE: 10/28/06

I no longer have any symptoms of acid reflux. I continue to take the chlorella. I haven't used Nexium or Prilosec for months. I do now drink decaffinated coffee periodically, orange juice, etc.
I find that I can eat late at night, just before going to sleep without difficulty.

My research indicates that chlorella is injested as food in Japan, and is widely used in the United States to remove heavy metals from water during the waste water treatment process. I have also read that it has a number of other beneficial attributes. There are no side effects of which I am aware. I continue to recommend it.

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